“Remember well, and bear in mind, a constant friend is hard to find”
― Laura Ingalls Wilder

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

When Reality Hits

I suppose everyone stops, thinks and reflects about themselves and their life at some point and time.
I guess in most situations it's an event that brings out the need to search for the truth.

This happen to me this past May. Everything I thought I knew about myself was in question, who I thought I was, was now lost and those I considered family were now strangers.

Hard? I believe for me, this has been the hardest thing I have had to do and accept. It's been 6 months, 6 months of truth, of pain, of tears and searching. 6 months since I last saw my mother, 4 brothers and sister. I havent spoken to any of them and to be honest what started out as sadness of the lost has turn to anger towards them and just thinking about any of them sets my anxiety to new levels.

I have always told my children people treat you as you allow them to treat you. Looking back I can see my responsibility in what took place back in May. I allowed the treatment, I made the choices and decisions on what to allow and not allow.

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